Robert Donner, Wesley Dorland, Tom Nagelgast, Zef Ubachs

SighT will give clients support where they need it, making the future a sight to behold.


To gain insight in sighs and receive help in avoiding them.

Game Description
SighT is an application which supports therapy for substance abuse. In Sight the client can mark locations which have meaning to them on a map. In following sessions, the therapist can give the client advice on actions that can help them at locations that often lead to sighs. When that is done, whenever the client is close to one of those locations, they can view the advice given to them by their therapist in order to help them avoid sighs. This helps the client in avoiding sighs and gives the therapist more insight in the activities and sighs of the client.


Substance Abuse

Clients often neglect to fill out the forms that are used to indicate when/where they had ?sighs? (the desire to use again). Most of the time because they either forget or lack the motivation to do so. This mainly happens because of three reasons: The client does not understand the added value of this information, because the form takes too much time to fill out, and because often, the form can only be filled out a long time after the sigh occured.

Best practices
Many of the applications we found do not specifically focus on substance abuse, but try to help people in many different fields. For example, Moves is an app that tracks your location and logs where you?ve been. This allows you to gain a detailed insight into your movement patterns and allows you to change parts you don?t like. The Nike Running App helps you with tracking your running exercises and is a great tool to visualize your accomplishments and the rate at which you?re improving. We used parts of these applications, and many others as a base for SighT.